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Take your Inertia.js skills to the next level

Learn advanced concepts and make apps with Laravel and Inertia.js a breeze to build and maintain.
180-page book
Step-by-step guide to building complex Inertia-powered apps that are easy to maintain for years to come.
Code examples
Learn how to build a connecting layer between a Laravel backend and Inertia.js frontend through practical content.
Real application code
Source code of Mixjobs, a production-ready Laravel application built using the best practices from the guide.

What’s inside

This guide covers both frontend and backend perspectives, from resolving common misconceptions to building heavy apps.

Modern monolith apps
Dive into advanced Inertia.js concepts and patterns, and take your full-stack development skills to the next level. The book skips the basics and navigates you through progressive scenarios.
Missing features
Get first-class support for essential Laravel features with the help of the Inertia-ready package ecosystem. Bring back the feeling of working on a single codebase.
Static analysis and code quality
Learn how to spot bugs, catch common issues, and fix them automatically, even without writing tests. Get code conventions in sync with your team across projects.
Structuring apps
It's challenging to structure apps when you go beyond basic CRUD interfaces. Learn how to organize code, make it predictable even when you get back to a project a year later, and keep it clean.

Use Inertia like a boss

Inspect the source code of Mixjobs, and learn how to make your code clean and epic from real-world examples.

  • A perfect starting point for your next app
  • Completely typed codebase without TypeScript skills required
  • Fluent Laravel authorizations and routes on the frontend
  • Shared data your IDE knows about
  • Ultimate workflow for the full-stack development
class JobData extends DataResource
  protected $permissions = ['view', 'update'];

  public function __construct(
    public int $id,
    public CategoryData $category,
    /** @var DataCollection<SkillData> */
    public DataCollection $skills,
    public string $title,
    public array $benefits
  ) {}

What others say

Don't rely on my words. Read what trusted developers from the community say about the course and the author.

Advanced Inertia is packed with best practices to level up your Inertia, Vue, and TypeScript game! Even if you know your way around Inertia, you’ll pick up some new tricks from this book that you’ll apply to your codebase in no time.
I’ve been using Inertia.js for a long time but I was still able to learn a lot reading Boris’ book! I came away with a lot of actionable learnings that I can’t wait to try out in my Inertia powered apps.
The book is insane! I’ve been into Inertia since its launch, and I’m happy to see all the best practices compiled together. The value you get is incredible, it’s really worthy of the name "advanced".
Whenever I need help with anything Inertia related, I always go to Boris. Not only is he an expert, but he has really good taste when it comes to developer experience. I’m glad he’s put together a book so I can finally level up my Inertia game!

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Premium package

Level-up your full-stack development skills with a real-world example
The 180-page book in PDF format
The best practices to building monolith apps
Static analysis and code quality workflow
The source code of Mixjobs, a production-ready Laravel application

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Only the essentials
The 180-page book in PDF format
Step-by-step guide
Static analysis and code quality workflow
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Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer team licenses at a reduced price?
Yes, I offer discounts for teams of three developers or more. You can buy a team license here.
What am I allowed to do with the Mixjobs codebase?
You are free to do with the source code whatever you want. Inspect, learn from it, and use it as the perfect starting point for your next application.
Can I upgrade to the Premium package later?
Sure thing! Just email me at boris@lepikhin.com, and I'll send you a discount code so that you only pay the difference.
Can I get an invoice?
Yes. Once you purchase the book, you'll get an email with a link to a page where you can generate an invoice with any extra info you may need for your bookkeeping.
What format is the book available in?
The content is available as a PDF. The book contains tons of code examples, and it lets us render them in a nice format. If we add more formats in the future, you'll get access to them free of charge.
I have another question
No prob! Text me at boris@lepikhin.com and let's chat!

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